THERE IS NO CHARGE TO BE LISTED on this blog, however I do ask for a reciprocal link to Cool School Visits, at where I offer lots of free advice about doing school visits. I also ask for a social media shoutout about my book, SELL BOOKS AND GET PAID DOING AUTHOR SCHOOL VISITS. (<-- That's a live link to Amazon.) Sorry, except for a few close friends, I can only list you in your home state.
MY DEFINITION OF "TRADITIONALLY PUBLISHED"...If you're with a publisher you know I'll recognize, write to me and I'll add you. If you have any doubts, CLICK THIS LINK and scroll down to a list approved on SCBWI's "Published and Listed" (PAL) list. If you see your publisher on this list, write to me. If not, then you're with a publisher too obscure to be added. I don't want these author lists to become so lengthy that the site loses its original intent: to save educators time when "shopping" for an author.

Hope this helps!

I've visited innumerable schools where teachers have told me their search to hire an author would have been greatly simplified if there were a state-by-state list somewhere. Well, here it is!

This is a work in progress, so I hope you'll forgive me as I add to the list. If you are an author with a traditionally published children's book, please contact me and I'll see about adding your listing under the state in which you live.

Likewise, if you are a teacher or librarian who has hired a great author and you don't see them listed here, please let me know about them and I'll add them as well.

No charge to ANYONE to be listed on this site, by the way. Just trying to simplify the process for everyone.

Email me with additions/corrections at:
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