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Visiting-author-of-the-day, Vicki Cobb, well-known science author, has created an unprecedented multi-media project that you and your students can join. It combines a book, with YouTube type videos and the Web.

Just for fun, check out these irresistible one-minute videos HERE. The scripts for these videos come from Vicki’s new book: We Dare You! Hundreds Of Fun Science Bets Challenges And Experiments You Can Do At Home. So far, she has made only 25 videos out of a potential 286 in the book. Vicki invites her readers to participate in this project by making videos doing tricks from the book and sending them to her for editing and posting on the web. Downloadable information on how to join this project can be found HERE. She is asking the public to help create a library of videos for teachers to use in the classroom nd families to use at home to get kids interested in science and reading. And if you go the extra step to join the project, your kids not only learn science but get to star in their own little show. It’s a win-win for everyone!

I've used Vicki's books in my own home and at our home school co-op, as well as -- I confess -- checking out her I Face the Wind a dozen times from the library as a mentor text when I was considering writing nonfiction. Her books are superb.

Kim Norman

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