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Jacket Art ©2010 by Amy Wummer

Adventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten
by Toni Buzzeo; illustrated by Amy Wummer
Dial Books for Young Readers, 2010
ISBN: 978-0803733589


About the Book: There won't be a zoo escapade or a high-flying circus exploit today for Adventure Annie. Instead it is her



Luckily with her zookeeper hat, her high-wire slippers, and her walkie-talkies tucked into her backpack, Adventure Annie is ready for anything--even Kindergarten! Her teacher isn't pleased when Annie tries to turn every activity into an adventure, but when the milk for snack time goes missing, it's


This energetic and laugh-out-loud story is sure to get every kid excited about starting their own Kindergarten Adventure.

From the Book

"Rise and shine, Adventure Annie,"
Mommy sings at my door.
I hop to my calendar.
Adventure Annie kindergarten day.
"Will I have a wild animal zoo advenure?"
"Maybe not today," says Mommy.
"Will I have a high-flying circus adventure?"
"Maybe after school," says Mommy.
"What about a daring search-and-find rescue adventure?"
"Maybe on the weekend," says Mommy.
I throw my arms out wide.
"Well then, what adventure will I have at kindergarten?"
"Sometimes," says Mommy, "kindergarten is its own adventure."
I give her the Adventure Annie thumbs-up.

Toni shares "The Story Behind the Story"...

When the color art arrived from Amy Wummer for Adventure Annie Goes to Work, I fell even more in love with my rambunctious little character and knew she was going to light up her school when Kindergarten rolled around. I wrote to my editor, Lauri Hornik, and said, "I think Annie ought to go to Kindergarten."

She responded, "Write it!" and so I did.

Now, I was not at all like Annie in Miss Smiley's Kindergarten. I was shy and quiet and afraid of my rather cranky teacher. But as with so many of my characters, I think a high-spirited child lived inside me, the Annie I am able to channel as I write the Adventure Annie stories.

I knew I wanted to use the Pattern ofThree story structure again, as I had in Adventure Annie Goes to Work., and so I began by imagining what three adventures Annie might most like to have. Then I gave her a prop for each one (a zookeeper's hat for her wild animal adventure, high-wire slippers for her high-flying circus adventure, and walkie-talkies for her search-and-rescue adventure) to pack in her backpack. As in the previous story, Annie's exploits get her into a world of trouble, but in the end, it is Annie who saves the day--as I certainly would have, if my inner child had ever been allowed out!

Reviews and Awards

"Annie's good intentions, optimism, and curiosity make her a likable character and an excellent one to dispel fears for incoming kindergartners." ~Kim T. Ha, Elkridge Branch Library, MD School Library Journal 5-10

"Toni Buzzeo's jaunty text and Amy Wummer's jovial artwork convey a gentle message while keeping the tone effervescent. Use this bubbly book to introduce your own classroom rules and encourage individual exuberance." ~ Joy Fleishhacker, "School is Cool: Fabulous Books for Reading Aloud", SLJ Curriculum Connections 8-3-10

"With the help of this ever-spunky heroine, readers will discover that, as Annie's mother puts it, "Sometimes . . . kindergarten is its own adventure. " ~Publisher's Weekly 7-26-10

"Washed with bright, cheerful watercolors, the cartoon-style pencil drawings magnify the story’s humor and high spirits. A fine addition to the Adventure Annie series, this picture book offers a dynamic alternative to stories about shy kids with kindergarten jitters
." ~ Carolyn Phelan, Booklist 5-1-10

"Buzzeo’s dauntless heroine’s attitude is infectious, and Wummer gives the curly-mopped tyke all the visual verve she deserves." ~ Kirkus 6-1-10

Ten on the COUCH!

A few more than ten, in fact: a big fat box of my newest book, TEN ON THE SLED, scheduled for release from Sterling only 3 weeks from now, on October 5th. Very proud to have my name on this book, made so fun and colorful by Liza Woodruff's BRRRRilliant illustrations. (Get it? Brrrrrr-rilliant?... in the Arctic? Ar ar!)

Also got some great news about the book last week. Shouldn't really blab what, but it's good. It's really good.

Kim Norman

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