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David DeVries "Monster Engine" featured on my favorite show!

Recently, I have corresponded with David DeVries, author of the insanely clever MONSTER ENGINE book, which is described thusly on David's site: The Monster Engine is an eleven year art project which has grown into an internet phenomenon. Released in June of 2005, The Monster Engine attracted 17 million hits in the first month and continues to get 1/2 million hits per month and is linked to over a 12,000 blogs worldwide--all on word of mouth with no advertising.

Wow, he has my admiration for all those hits. (And even a little envy.) He DEFINITELY has my envy about an amazing segment about him and his book that appeared on CBS Sunday Morning, which is my favorite show. (Really. I'm not kidding. It's my favorite!)

Click HERE to view the show segment. Truly uplifting and entertaining.

Learn more HERE, on David's Monster Engine site.

Kim Norman

Terri Murphy has art, will travel!

I'm proud of my friend and colleague, Terri Murphy, who has been experiencing a lot of well-deserved success of late. You can read my June 2012 interview of Terri Murphy HERE, but please allow me to brag about her one more time. Terri snagged the plum assignment of illustrating some of the Illinois Library Association's Have Book-Will Travel!, iREAD®'s 2013 theme posters. You're looking at one of them now. I love Terri's distinctive style of illustration. It's so strong that I always recognize it, wherever I see it. And now, Terri featured in the ILA's newsletter. Way to go, Terri! (Read the article.)

She says, "If your school or library ever wants to book an illustrator, you know who to call: Have art, will travel!"

Learn more about Terri Murphy and her illustrator presentations HERE, on her Web site.