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Meet Children's Book Author Becky Hall!

I just discovered that my friend, children's book author Becky Hall, has a lovely new Web site. (Click Becky's name in the opening sentence to visit the site.) Becky is a long-time colleague and critique group pal, and also is an elementary school librarian, so she has always been my go-to gal for all questions related to libraries and librarians.
A is for Arches Becky Hall is the author of A is for Arches, an alphabet book published by Sleeping Bear Press, about her home state of Utah. The governor's wife chose to hold Becky's book in her hands for her official portrait. (How cool is that?!) Becky has authored another book for Sleeping Bear, this time a counting book about Utah, entitled 1, 2, I'll Show You... Utah. The book is currently in production.

Becky is also the author of Morris and Buddy, a biography of Morris Frank, the brave man who brought the first Seeing Eye Dog to America in the early 20th century. As you can see from these photos, Becky is a dog lover, so it was a perfect topic for her to tackle. And tackle it, she did! Morris and Buddy is a delightful read that I'm proud to display on the shelf of books written by members of my critique group.