ARE YOU LOOKING TO BOOK AN AUTHOR VISIT AT YOUR SCHOOL? Awesome Authors Kim Norman and Rachelle Burk are here to help. Peruse the author links within your state listed on the left column.

Interested in DOING Author School Visits?

Now there's a book all about how to do them! Check it out HERE, ON AMAZON!

It answers these questions and many more:
• How do I get gigs, otherwise known as:
• How do I find schools that host authors?
• How do I set up an author visit?
• How much should I charge?
• Do I need a contract?
• How do I arrange an advance book sale?
• How do I hold a book signing?
• How do I promote myself as a children’s book author who visits schools?
• Do I need a brochure?
• What should I put on my author website?
• Who arranges the visit?
• Are self-published authors hired to do author visits? (Good news! Yes!)
• What kind of equipment and technology do I need?
• What goes into an author presentation?
• Do I need different programs for different ages?
• How long should the programs be?
• How do I know what to say?
• How do I say it?
• Do I need insurance? If so, where do I buy it?
LEARN MORE HERE.   Hope you find it helpful!
(Note: If you are a traditionally published author: THERE IS NO CHARGE TO BE LISTED on this blog within your state. However, we do ask you to purchase a copy of Kim's book, SELL BOOKS AND GET PAID DOING AUTHOR SCHOOL VISITS(<-- That's a live link to Amazon.) What is "traditionally published"? If you have any doubts, CLICK THIS LINK for SCBWI's "Published and Listed" (PAL) list.)


     Rachelle's books include...

         THE WALKING FISH                                                          DON'T TURN THE PAGE!
         by Rachelle Burk                                                                     by Rachelle Burk
      Award-winning                                               Bedtime Picture Book 
      MG science-adventure novel                                Click for activities     
       Click for activities   

       TOOTH FAIRY TRAP                                    MISS CRUMP'S FUNNY BONE
           by Rachelle Burk                                                                          by Rachelle Burk  
             Chapter book                                               Chapter book
      "One School/One Book"                                     Click for activities 
          Click for activities  

          TREE HOUSE IN A STORM                                                        THE STORY OF SIMONE BILES
                by Rachelle Burk                                                                                    by Rachelle Burk  
    Hurricane picture book.                                            Illustrated chapter book
        Click for activities                                                  Discussion questions in book

   STOMP, WIGGLE, CLAP & TAP                          LET'S PLAY AN INSTRUMENT
                     by Rachelle Burk                                                                           by Rachelle Burk  
          Rhyming, rolling movements                              Joyful intro to instruments 

            PAINTING IN THE DARK:                  
          Esref Armagan, Blind Artist                                      THE BEST FOUR QUESTIONS
              by Rachelle Burk                                                                                          by Rachelle Burk  

           Picture book biography                                            Humor Passover picture book
                      Click for activities                                                     Click for activities

    WOMEN WHO CHANGED THE                                                  SHE'S A MENSCH! 
    WORLD: A Feminist Book for                                        JEWISH WOMEN WHO ROCKED 
            Young Children                                                                     THE WORLD
                 by Rachelle Burk                                        by Rachelle Burk   
                            Coming in March 2024:
    SPACE TORAH: Astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman's                                                                                                Cosmic Mitzvah  
   (afterword by the astronaut himself)                                    MATZAH BALL CHASE   
         by Rachelle Burk                                                                by Rachelle Burk
** RACHELLE HAS WRITTEN FOR:  Highlights for Children, Scholastic Science World, Scholastic SuperScience, Scholastic Scope, and other national magazines for kids.
                    Rachelle's Books Coming soon:
THE MATZAH BALL CHASE (Apples & Honey Press spring 2024)